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The overall idea with all my products is that they are lifesavers in everyday life, or at least products that sweetens and helps me in my everyday life;

The hat with the extra warm lining by the ears. The scarf that's big enough to use as a blanket when I wait for the bus. The warm, soft socks that automatically makes my body relax and feel comfortable when I'm finally home after a long and hard day.

A little hug. A helping hand. A place of tranquillity.

With my products I want to share tricks, learned through my life with lots of bustle, experiences, challenges and travels. Tricks that will make everyday life easier, which you can bring along on the go, or you can use when you find the time for cozy moment with your feet up.

Hugs, Julie

"Hygge" you wear

Cozy by Julie Zangenberg is an embracement of everyday life, in everyday life, and for everyday life. Cozy will be that little hug that will help you remember to breathe all the way down to your stomach and remind you that everything is going to be alright.

All women know the feeling of exactly that moment when you come home, the heavy boots or high heels can be taken off, the tight pants can thrown in the corner, the hair can be gathered in a bun, the makeup can be washed off and you can finally slip into more comfortable clothes.

That feeling, those moments, that's what I'd like to give you several times a day with Cozy. 

Only for you

Products that are a breathing space in your everyday life.

Nice design

Because we want both comfort AND style.

Cozy by Julie Zangenberg

Hygge is important

For me, "hygge" is what we are constantly working towards. We work hard so we can create room to do only the things that will give us pleasure - so we can allow ourselves to "hygge". But we also have to find "hygge", even in small doses, in our everyday life. Cozy products will embrace you, make you feel warm and help you with bringing some hygge into the daily routines.

Julie Zangenberg

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